The Open Swim Stars Sunset Race is a standalone swimming event, part of the Open Swim Stars international series.

The event ​is ​open ​to ​all ​participants, pending their swim abilities to perform the distance they wish to take part in. We have competitive swimmers, triathletes, casual pool swimmers, and casual swimmers regularly participate in our open water events in Singapore.

The Open Swim Stars Sunset Race will start ​at ​5pm ​on ​Saturday ​27 May evening, ​and participants ​can ​take ​part ​in ​either ​the ​800m ​or ​the ​3 ​km ​categories, ​swimming ​in ​the ​waters ​off ​the ​coast ​of ​the ​National ​Service ​Resort ​and ​Country ​Club ​(NSRCC), ​providing ​the ​only ​real ​open ​water ​experience ​in ​Singapore.

All ​of ​the ​participants ​are ​expected ​to ​finish ​their ​races ​by ​7pm, ​just ​in ​time ​for ​them ​to ​sit ​back ​and ​enjoy ​the ​sunset ​at ​the ​NSRCC ​Sea ​Sports ​Centre.

It ​is ​our ​aim ​to ​bring ​fresh ​and ​new ​ideas ​to ​swimmers ​to ​share ​our ​passion ​and ​love ​for ​the ​sport. ​We ​encourage ​all ​swimmers ​and ​triathletes ​to ​take ​up ​open ​water ​swimming ​events.

All ​swimmers ​will ​receive ​a ​Goodie ​bag ​worth ​$65, ​and ​an ​exclusive ​Finisher ​Medal ​by ​Singapore ​Swim ​Stars!

Criteria ​: ​

Distances: ​800M ​and ​3KM
Categories: ​Individual ​and ​Team ​categories




Located just before the entrance to the main NSRCC clubhouse, the facility provides opportunities for the public to enjoy the sun, sea and surf through various sea sports activities, programmes and competitions.

No matter the distance you choose, open water swimming requires passion for swimming, endurance and training so Challenge Yourself today and Swim to a Better You !

The Open Swim Stars Sunset race details:

  • Format: 2 races: 800M and 3KM (Individual and Team categories available)
  • Venue: NSRCC Sea Sport Centre, 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
  • Early Bird Prices start at $50



Open Swim Stars Race info

Date: May 27 2017
Time: 5.00pm-7.00pm
Distance: 800m/3km
Location: 11 Changi Coast Walk Singapore 4997401

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The 800m race aims to attract sprint swimmers, teams, youths and first-timers.
The 3km race aims to appeal to swimmers and triathletes who wish to challenge themselves and go beyond their limits.

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