This Guy Plans to Swim Across the Pacific Ocean This Summer


Next July, while you’ll be lazily roasting your back in the sun, getting fatter and fatter from BBQs and beers, swimmer Ben Lecomte will be attempting his second ocean crossing with only the strength of his arms and the odd kick of a leg to help him.

Originally from France, Ben chose California to be his home 20 years ago, and in 1998 he successfully swam across the Atlantic Ocean. Every day he goes for long swims of at least three hours along the coast to keep in shape. Ben’s latest journey will take him from Tokyo to San Francisco, and is set to last for five months. That’s 5,500 miles worth of swimming, the first-ever attempt by someone to cross the Pacific in this way. Ben will be swimming eight hours a day at the average speed of two to two and a half knots per hour. He’ll burn around 10,000 calories daily.

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