Singapore Swim Stars Open Water Race Booklet for October 10th

02/10/2015 Singapore

We are happy that you decided to challenge yourselves in our second Singapore Open Water on October 10th with two original races : 800m open to all or 4km open to more experienced and trained swimmers.

No matter the distance you choose, open water swimming requires passion for swimming, endurance and training so Challenge Yourself today and Swim to a Better You.

The haze in Singapore during the past few days is a concern that we share with each of you. It impacts our everyday lives and our training outdoor. We are monitoring the situation very closely, as the safety of our participants is our number one priority.
A lot of international attention has been brought to this matter lately, and it seems that a positive outcome will come in the next few days.
Because we care about our environment, we have decided that this year our information on the Singapore Swim Stars Open Water will not be printed, but published as an e-booklet.

Thus not contributing to the deforestation in any way, however small.

Attached is our e-booklet. It contains every information for the event, race collection package as well as directions to reach NRSCC Sea Sports Centre on Changi road, schedules and prizes.

Click on the link below to download the booklet. Please respect the environment and avoid printing it.