Open water swim workout plan #1

07/04/2016 Training

As of this week, and until the day of the event, we will offer specific training sets to prepare yourself to swim the Open Swim Stars Sunset Race, on May 14th.
Trainings will be provided in partnership with Loic Branda, 5th at the World Championships on the 25 km distance and owner of Swim the Riviera .

He will coach you in partnership with us!

One key to successful open water swimming is to train for variable intensities. This training set focuses on the specified up tempo on the sets of 200’s.

In this set, the workout is intended for a pool, preferably 50m, but you can adapt to a 25m as well. In the coming weeks, we will also provide some open water training and tips for open water training.

Below is the first set that we are offering, with also a link to a PDF, if you want to print it out and bring it on the pool deck for your next training.

We will be posting each week until the event more open water training sets, to be done either at the pool or in open water.



Open water training set #1 – pool session

Warm up 

4 x 200 meters – Rest 30 ” between each set

  1. Freestyle
  2. Pull Buoy
  3. Freestyle / backstroke by 50 m
  4. kicks with board

Main set

  • 4 x 200m Freestyle: at 70% of max heart rate – Rest 20 ” between each set
    100 m easy pull buoy Freestyle/ backstroke
  • 3 x 200 m freestyle descending from 1 to 3: each 200 meters, at least 3 seconds faster – Rest 20 ” between each set 100 m easy pull buoy Freestyle/ backstroke
  • 2 x 200 m Freestyle, descending. Rest 20 ” between each set 100 m easy pull buoy Freestyle/ backstroke
  • Optional – 10 minute Freestyle swimming, nonstop – with the objective to swim the greatest possible distance.


Swim down:

200 Easy Freestyle / backstroke
TOTAL 3 100 meters (or more if 10 mn at the end)