About our training sessions starting in January 2016

23/12/2015 Training

Dear Triathletes, open water swimmers, pool swimmers, masters’ swimmers…

We are happy to have you join our new active community of open water swimmers who want to improve their swimming and take it to the next level, undergoing an ambitious training plan, while joining other dedicated athletes with the same goals and values.

Who is the Open Swim Stars Team for?

Triathletes who want to improve their swimming, open water swimmers, pool swimmers, and Masters’ swimmers.
Our core objective is open water and endurance swim, although we will train on all strokes.
During the training, we will be focusing on providing open water techniques, building stamina and endurance, and increasing strength in the water.

We want to create a sense of community, which means the following:

  • This is not just any swim group, we take responsibility for making the group successful and show it with results based on your goals
  • As members, you will have access to a number of events in the region & internationally
  • Training sessions will be at cost: the fees are meant to pay for the coach, the equipment and the lane/venue booking.
  • As a team member, you commit to the team for a minimum of 3 months

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Pick your trial day before committing

Let’s meet on January 12th and 14th at 7:15 pm:

  • at the OCBC Aquatic Center
  • and meet our dedicated coach David Tay* and Harald Eltvedt, former competitive swimmer and managing director at SSO
  • Trial swim: S$25, which will be deducted from your enrolment fee, should you decide to join

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*About our coach: David Tay

David has a holistic approach in the preparation of triathletes, marathoners, and open water swimmers, acting as a Life coach for his athletes. As he often says, “Preparing yourself doesn’t start and end with the training session.”

His involvement with open water swimming started in 2001. He has helped the Triathlon Association of Singapore and looked after the High Performance Swim Team of Singapore Sports School’s. He also managed and coached the Singapore National Swimming Team between 2005 and 2008, and added open water swimming in 2011. He also coaches at NUS.

He has been the race director of the Open Swim Stars in Singapore since 2014.

**Sports Swim Organisation (SS0): for swimmers by swimmers

Former competitive swimmers started SSO, including twice Olympic medalist Stephan Caron. Our goal is to bring more people to swimming, by creating unique events and opportunities to surpass oneself. In South East Asia, we operate in Singapore, where we have brought several open water swims, as well as the Singapore Swim Stars Showdown in September 2014, with more than 30 World Record Holders and Olympic medalists, including Nathan Adrian, Fabien Gilot, Kosuke Kitajima, ….