Important Updates about the race

07/10/2015 UPDATE

Dear Swimmers,
1 – About the Haze: The haze in Singapore during the past few weeks is a concern that we share with each of you.
It has not only impacted our training outdoor, but also our everyday lives. We are monitoring the haze daily very closely and are looking with all our partners at the best options for our swimmers. Your safety is our priority, so we are monitoring the PSI levels everyday.

Forecasts are though promising in the coming days.
The race will happen on the original date if haze is below 150 PSI during the day and if forecasts remain below that threshold. We use the National Environment Agency (NEA) website for ongoing monitoring of the PSI 3 hour reading.
Should the PSI get above the 150 level, we will contact you the day before, by email, phone and SMS, so please make sure to check them and get in touch with us to remain informed.
We will postpone the race immediately to the next day, at the same time on October 11th .


2 – Race Pack Collection:

All participants have received a time slot to pick up their race pack, please get in touch with us if it remains unclear when you can pickup your pack.


3 – Fight the haze long term:

We are athletes, but we also care about our environment. We have decided that this year our information on the Singapore Swim Stars Open Water will not be printed, but published as an e-booklet. Thus not contributing to the deforestation in any way, however small.
We have decided to raise funds against the deforestation and if you want to donate some money to join our effort to prevent deforestation in Indonesia, all money will be given to Green Peace for their efforts to stop this ongoing issue in South East Asia. For more information:…/en/campai…/forests/asia-pacific/

4 – You can have access to the entire booklet by clicking on the following the link:…/10/booklet_V4.pdf

It contains information on the event, directions to the race, schedules and prizes.

Thanks for your support and see you for the race pack collection soon!