Exciting new stuff for 2016 in Openwater


As we’re getting closer to the end of the year, we have planned many exciting new updates for the open water communities in the region in 2016.


One of the most exiting news is that we have decided to put together a Swim Stars training team, coach by the fantastic David Tay.

This team will be practicing both in pool and on open water sessions.


But that’s not the only new thing:

This year and for the first time in the region, we’ll have a true south east asian open water tour.

4 destinations, 4 different format :

– Phuket with a few days of training at the great Tanyapurah place

– Bintan, for a unique race that will take you to Nikoi Island for an incredible journey

– Langkawi for unlimited white sandy beaches

– Singapore with more challenging distances.


With :

– The Open Swim Stars Sprint Series,

– The Open Swim Stars Marathon Series,

– The Open Swim Stars Ultra  Series,


Each of these new destinations will be focusing both on your preparation for triathlon events with distances that fit an iron man preparation, but also ultra marathon distances for the hardcore swimmers.

We also have created a sun series, for swimmers of all abilities who want to join, as a family, friends or group for a fun race, in a beautiful area.

Two sunset races, followed by a BBQ, that we make you feel almost on holidays !

Stay tuned ! It’s coming and it’s going to be LEGEN… wait for it… DARY !