Best moments of the Singapore Swim Stars Open Water 2015



Dear swimmers,

First of all: Congratulations to all the participants! Whether you swam 4km or 800m, you are now officially an open water swimmer and can tell all your friends about your newest achievement.

Thank you for this exceptional moment.

Close to 400 people came last Saturday to participate and cheer for the 800m and 4km races. We even had a family of 7 sea otters to swim alongside the 4km participants at the start of the race! (See the picture below)

We hope you had a great time as well and were glad that the weather was on our side that day, despite hazy weeks before race day!
We wanted to thank you all for your help and support, especially:

  • All the participants
  • Our loyal sponsors Speedo, Zenith & Coca-Cola and  partners (Constant Wind, Swim Concierge, 1Xcess, Singapore Medical Services ) and
  • Volunteers and Kayakers (Rico, Nathaniel, Meggy, Ashley, Mathilde, Jean-Benoit and Bruno)
  • Swim Stars team: My former swim team mates and partners Laurent Neuville (former Olympic finalist), Stephan Caron (2x Olympic medalist), Sophie Reinauld, and my support team Meggy and Aurelie !
  • Schools: a big thank you to the participating schools and coaches for their support. NUS, the French Lycee (LFS), UWCSEA, GEMS.
  • … and last but not least our very talented and dedicated Race Director David Tay and UWCSEA Head of Aquatics Aaron Gray for their help during the race!

We also want to congratulate Marc Radatt for being such an inspiration to all of us.

We’re sharing the official results of the races which you will find below, with a few images as well which you can share. If you have more pictures that were taken by either you or your family and friends, do not hesitate to send them to us by email or on facebook.
Finally, We will let you know about our plans for next year and will post some news on our Facebook page and website, so stay tuned!

See all the images of the race here: click to view

4KM individual 1st  Male: Alard Schroeder 0:58:14
4KM individual 2nd Male: Brent Walker 0:59:44
4KM individual 3rd Male: Nicolas Duchene 1:00:11

4KM individual 1st  Female: Celia Gaier 1:04:14
4KM individual 2nd Female: Juliette Cocks 1:04:48
4KM individual 3rd Female: Melanie Speet 1:08:25

800M individual 1st  Male: Arnav Divaker 0:11:33
800M individual 2nd Male: Hasif Abdul Majid 0:12:14
800M individual 3rd Male: Ethan Mak 0:12:25

800M individual 1st  Female: Xenia Chan 0:11:40
800M individual 2nd Female: Kenza Brouwer 0:12:56
800M individual 3rd Female: Meg Jerram 0:13:45


4KM BEST TEAM RELAY : TFL COACH LLOYD (Vitaly Nechaev, Michael Shannon, Tom Lapping, Karen Surgenor) 1:15:20

800M BEST TEAM : UWC TEAM 1 (Alard Schroeder, Juliette Cocks, ANA KOCZANOWSKI, Alex Mandel)  0:49:36

The full race results are available here:
Click to view

Stay tuned: There will be more Open Water coming in 2016 so stay tuned!
Bintan Open Water : April 2016 (races and date TBD) . This is an actual picture of the race venue taken yesterday!
Fight the haze long term: we are swimmers, but we also care about our environment.We have raised funds against the deforestation and want to thank all of those who joined our effort to prevent deforestation in Indonesia, all money will be given to Green Peace for their efforts to stop this ongoing issue in South East Asia.
For more information click here

Total donation: S$500
We want to thank you all the participants for their generous donation especially Lloyd, Christopher, Richard, Joanna, Joseph, Kok Heng, Gary, Maria-Teresa, Kensuke, Ming Han, Fish, Benson, Teck Meng, Colin, Melissa and the other anonymous donators.

Thank you for your support and see you soon.

Harald Eltvedt,
Managing Partner and Race Organizer