A few tips for the open water race on October 10th :

09/10/2015 TIPS

Some tips to swim in one of the open water events:

– Navigation in natural environment: raise your head every 8 to 10 movements to see if you head right,

– If possible, swim at the site to test the water temperature before the event (head today or early tomorrow)

– Have a clear pair of glasses on the day of the race,

– Eat well until two hours before the race.
What Suits to wear for the races:

To participate in one of the events are allowed:
– Swimsuits or swimming trunks,
– Certified swimming suits FINA
– Triathlon combinations or “shorty” surfing type

Wetsuits in neoprene can be used but they be in one piece and have a maximum thickness of 5 mm.

The open water sea in Singapore is very warm, so if you don’t need suits for buoyancy, we recommend to avoid them.

Artificial aids, pads, gloves, slippers, snorkel, fins and buoyancy aids such as buoys or other floating objects are not allowed.