A few additional swim workouts for an openwater swim

07/10/2015 WORKOUT

Good day Swimmers, here are two more swim workout sets for you to practice this week in a swimming pool. The sets we propose focus on getting you used to swimming longer distances and building stamina for an open water swim event. When preparing for a long distance set, prefer 50m swimming pools when training.

  1. 5th workout 2.9 km (to do at least once)

    -Warm up 200m freestyle drill

    –  Swim 2500 meters continuously (taking a pace which you become accustomed in previous workouts.

    – 200 m swim down on your back

    – Stretch the shoulders and back out of the water

  2. 6th workout: 2.7 km

    – Warm dry before entering the water

    – 200m Freestyle drill

    – 4 x 400 Freestyle

    – 2 x 400 alternate pull and kicks in the 400 by 200 m. (kicks with board. Pull with a pull buoy)

    – 100 swim down Breaststroke or 2 arm back stroke

    – Stretch the shoulders and back out of the water