« Swim the Riviera » partners with Open Swim Stars 2016


« Swim the Riviera » partners with Open Swim Stars 2016.

As of this week, and every Monday until the day of the event, we will offer training sets in order to prepare yourself, in the best conditions for the May 14th event.

The Open Water Swimming Workouts will be designed for athletes that are preparing for either a triathlon or openwater swimming event.
A key to successful open water swimming is training for intensities throughout the race.  Our workout sessions will focus on the specified up tempo on the sets.

No matter how good you are in a pool you still need the confidence, fitness and skills necessary to swim fast in open water.
Open water can be exhilarating and rewarding, but also presents a range of unique challenges – deep-water mass starts, close proximity swimming, navigation and turns around buoys, swimming in currents and tides, breathing in turbulent water or swells, cold water immersion or sun glare and transitioning through a variety of swim exits.
If you are a novice, you should spend some time in the pool developing the skills required for open-water swimming: sighting, swimming straight, bilateral breathing, drafting and close proximity swimming.

Loic Branda, a former competitive swimmer from France, 5th at the World Championships on the 25 km open water distance will prepare the sets for you and will be your coach!

He manages swim camps in the South of France. For more info, visit Swim the Riviera